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Airtec Snorkels

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Airtec Snorkels

Improved Aerodynamic
Shape for Reduced
Intake Noise and
Now Available for
most makes and models




Certifiable Quality

When it comes to materials, TJM sources only the finest quality to be used in the Airtec range. All products are made with leading Australian polymer materials that exceed the Australian Standard for UV stabilisation of UV8, with ratings at UV20-UV24. The colour pigmentation process doesn’t cut any corners giving you an even, dense and bleed-free product.


Water Removal

Even when it rains the TJM Airtec design captures and disperses rain drops through drain holes at the base of the air ram. This feature removes excess rain from mixing with the air stream and preventing water intake during heavy rain.


Colour Compounding

TJM undertakes a process called ‘colour compounding’ when it comes to incorporating colour into the snorkel. The pigment is mixed into the molten base resin before the product is even moulded.

This procedure ensures that the colour pigment is evenly saturated throughout the polymer, preventing it from rubbing off or bleeding. In addition, this process does not inhibit the particles of the polymer from fusing together, enabling the formation of a strong and dense product.



Every vehicle has a different shape, so why should a snorkel be any different? TJM individually engineer and design the snorkel to suit the natural shape of the vehicle. Although functionality is important, we want you to look good too!