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Camping Food Hacks You’ll Be Excited To Try

Have you ever been camping and forgotten any cooking equipment? Tired of the same old camping meals? After one of my friends decided to travel around Australia and create a YouTube channel filming his adventures, I was amazed to discover just how many camping food hacks I never knew about. I’ve been 4WD camping for many years now and while my camping gear and equipment has evolved, sadly my cooking has remained relatively static.

Beware of counterfeit TJM products


Counterfeit products are big business, and like many other premium brands around the world, TJM has become a target with its products being unlawfully “replicated” & sold to unsuspecting customers. Counterfeit items which are generally offered at heavily discounted prices, do not carry the same engineered quality as you would expect from a genuine TJM product, and will not comply with the strict Australian Design Rules that protect you and the performance of critical parts of your vehicle.