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Alloy Bull Bars

Alloy Bull Bars


Alloy, the lightweight bull bar alternative

TJM realise a steel bull bar might not be for everyone, which is why we have spent countless hours designing a top performing and good looking alternative - the TJM Signature alloy bull bar. Not only will it protect you from an animal strike, you’ll instantly feel a million dollars with one of these in your possession, let alone after it has been fitted to the front of your 4x4!


Engineered for
maximum strength


Alloy bars are a lightweight, but contrary to popular belief the modern alloy bar is extremely strong. TJM's alloy bull bars are all carefully engineered in Australia using the latest 3D modelling and design technology, this ensures a perfect fit to the vehicle's shape. Seam welding together with aluminium properties gives TJM's alloy bars the ability to withstand our harshest climate & terrain. 


Compliant & Compatible


Every TJM alloy bull bar complies with the Australian Design Rules and are air bag compatible, ensuring optimum safety standards are met. From rugged terrains of the outback, to coastal adventures and alpine treks the TJM alloy bar will get you there and back again and again.



  • TJM alloy deluxe bars employ either a four or five-fold channel/wing design. Folds are deliberately spaced across the channel for maximum strength and stylish looks. The upswept tapered wing provides excellent approach angle for accessibility.
  • Recessed fog lights come standard along with recessed polycarbonate indicator & park lights.
  • TJM alloy deluxe bars are signified by a strong centre loop, accompanied by two refined side loops protecting the headlights.
  • TJM bull bars provide secure, strong and stable mounting points to fit a large array of driving lights. The strength of the TJM product ensures against excessive movement which can result in a vibrating beam pattern, bulb failure or light body fatigue.
  • TJM’s channel designs allow maximum airflow to the vehicle’s radiator. This vent, as well as the viewing hole on the top of the channel, also allows easy access to the vehicle’s winch controls.
  • Vehicle mounted aerials are often essential when travelling in remote locations. TJM alloy bull bars feature heavy duty aerial tabs located adjacent to the centre loop.
  • TJM’s mounting system is specifically engineered for each vehicle. The design spreads impact and winching loads evenly across the vehicle’s chassis. Which ensures the bull bar is strong for extreme conditions and functions properly in the event of an impact.
  • The engineered winch frame mount accommodates a variety of winches and does not interfere with the vehicle’s air bag triggering system. The bar is designed and tested to endure the heavy stresses of winching.
  • Many TJM bull bars come as standard with an integrated underbody guard, for additional underbody protection. Front, sump & transmission guards are also available separately.



TJM Signature

If you're after the flagship of the alloy range featuring all the bells and whistles, this is it. Providing excellent protection to your vehicle, unparalleled design, provisions for driving lights and aerials, built in steel winch frame as standard, fog lights and much more, it's no wonder this is the true market leader of alloy bull bars.


TJM Graphite

TJM's new range of black alloy bull bars are perfect for those who love the lightweight properties of alloy, but prefer a more aggressive look.  Finished in a textured powdercoat, you can expect to see the same market leading features as the polished alloy deluxe variant.