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TJM XGS Series 4000 Suspension Kit Suit Mitsubishi Triton MQ

TJM XGS Series 4000 Suspension Kit Suit Mitsubishi Triton MQ


Whether you’re tackling corrugated roads, rough terrain, or planning to tow a caravan across the country, you can’t go past a TJM XGS Series 4000 Suspension Kit to improve every aspect of your drive. You’ll be equipped for a smoother, more comfortable ride while also improving road handling, braking ability, noise and vibration.

4WD’s have factory engineered suspension, but it’s usually only enough to accommodate a boot load of gear and general road driving or limited off-road driving. Installing a set of shock absorbers, a pair of springs or a full TJM XGS Series 4000 suspension kit will immediately transform your vehicle’s ride handling, load carrying and towing capabilities. Don’t forget to chat with your local TJM distributor about your individual suspension needs.



› 30mm suspension lift front and rear for increased ground clearance:

› Maximum allowable lift to conform to VSB 14

› Maximum lift to ensure CV angles are acceptable for durability performance

› After raising the MQ Triton front suspension 30mm, the rebound travel is reduced due to the design of the OE rebound stop. A reduced height poly urethane front rebound stop is required to maintain the front suspension rebound travel


› 2 new front spring options are available:

› Raised to support light loads to 50kg, 840 lbs/in, 300 free height, tapered lower end

› Heavy duty for bullbar + winch, 840 lbs/in, 310mm free height, tapered lower end


› 4 rear spring options are available (rated load includes the OE style side tray which weighs 110kg for MQ Triton):

› 3 + 2 raised 110kg suits Exceed/GLS

› 4 + 1 raised 110kg suits GLX

› 4 + 2 heavy duty 310kg

› 5 + 2 extra heavy duty 510kg


› XGS 40mm big bore piston shock absorbers deliver improved durability, less fade and better cooling over OE resulting in more consistent damping performance

› XS shock absorber range available to provide improved body control and comfort when paired with TJM raised springs.

› XT shock absorber range available to provide superior body and load control when paired with TJM heavy duty springs

› After the MQ Triton suspension height has been raised, a driveshaft centre bearing lowering kit is recommended as a countermeasure to driveline vibration under acceleration

› Field tested both on and off road to deliver the perfect suspension solution