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4x4 Recovery Gear

Stuck on a slope or stuck in the mud, TJM can provide a lot more than sympathy.


The TJM snatch strap is a vital part of any 4WD recovery kit. The combination of vehicle pull and the tension in the strap creates a ‘snatching’ effect that can pull a stranded vehicle free when bogged or unable to move under its own power.


tjm recovery kits

Whether you’re hitting the beach or heading into the Outback, getting stuck is always a possibility when you travel off-road. Built to the highest standards and available in multiple variants, a TJM recovery kit will help ensure you make it there and back on your next adventure – wherever that may be.

the tjm recovery jack

A versatile piece of equipment; the TJM Recovery Jack will provide a means of lifting the vehicle to aid recovery. The Jack fits directly into TJMs unique T-slot recovery point which has been extensively tested and can be found on many TJM Steel Bull Bars.
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