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4X4 Recovery Basics

Australia is an amazing country in that it offers us a range of different environments and terrain, from snow capped mountains of the Australian Alps, to the deserts of central Australia, and the tropical rainforests of the North. However, there are different risks that come with driving in different terrain. It is important to know the proper recovery techniques in order to have a safe and fun trip. Here are some of the most common recovery techniques to know before heading out.

Winch Recovery

Winches are used to pull your vehicle out when your vehicle gets bogged in sand or mud or up a difficult hill climb. Having a winch installed on your 4WD works as a crucial backup plan if things go sour off-road, especially for times where you are travelling alone and there are no other cars to pull you out. Winches can be made from different materials, including rope, wire, and chain and is wound around a winch drum to pull your vehicle out of a strife. There are many different types of winches, including hand winches, electric winches, and hydraulic winches. The choice of winch will depend on many factors including how often you intend to use the winch, the weight capacity of the vehicle, and budget. The best type of winch for 4WDing in most instances is an electric winch with a synthetic rope as it is easy to use and powerful.

Tred/Recovery Board

Treds or recovery boards are used when your vehicle is bogged in a hole or is trapped in sand, mud, or snow. The boards are shoved under the tyres to give them more traction and help them out. Recovery boards are a versatile tool that can be used in different types of terrain and have the added bonus of being easy to use and lightweight. However, additional tools such as winches, snatch straps, or even a shovel may be needed depending on how stuck the vehicle is.

Tyre Repair Kit

No matter if you are staying on road or driving a 4WD track, getting a punctured tyre at some point is inevitable. Though modern tyres are more durable, they can happen to anyone on any type of road. Having a tyre repair kit on vehicle is one of the fastest and easiest way to repair a flat tyre while on the go. Make sure to give the repaired tyre a good professional fix when your trip is done.

Snatch Strap Recovery

An alternative way to recover a vehicle with a winch can be a snatch strap if there’s a second vehicle to help out. Like winches, they are used to tow the vehicle out of a bog. The difference between a snatch strap and a winch is that unlike a winch that is tensed before towing the vehicle, a snatch strap is laid loose and a tow vehicle is used to tension the snatch like a rubber band, using the force of the rubber band to pull the vehicle out. Snatch straps are a cheap and relatively simple way to get your vehicle moving, however they will be need to used with caution as the wrong technique can cause injury.

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