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Discover new possibilities and exciting adventures with TJM’s Power Range! This essential suite of products, includes the Slim Lithium Car Battery, DC/DC Charger, and 1100W and 2100W Inverters. Whether you're planning your summer or end-of-year trips or are ready to go off the grid all year round, the TJM Power Range ensures you have reliable power to run your fridge and cooking setup, charge your devices, and more, leaving you free to focus on the fun. With TJM's reliable power, you can have the confidence to go off-grid while still enjoying the comforts of home. Prepare for limitless weekend possibilities!

New to TJM's Power Range

TJM DC/DC Charger

Introducing our cutting-edge TJM DC/DC charger, meticulously engineered to surpass expectations even in the most challenging environments. With its exceptional efficiency, it operates flawlessly with full charging output at temperatures as high as 75°C, making it the ideal choice for under bonnet applications. This remarkable charger also boasts the highest level of protection against dust, water, and pressure washing (IP68 & IP69K), and its complete potting with thermal epoxy resin ensures utmost durability.

Equipped with advanced charging technology, our charger offers both 3 and 5-stage charging, automatically compensating for temperature variations and voltage drops to provide optimal care for your batteries.

TJM Inverters

TJM Inverter range mains power utilises pure sine wave technology, which closely replicates the 240V power found in homes. Specifically designed and built for superior performance compared to entry-level modified sine wave inverters, TJM pure sine wave inverters deliver clean and reliable power. Whether you’re an avid traveller seeking household comforts in remote destinations or a home handyman requiring clean power for sophisticated tools when mains power is unavailable, TJM inverters offer exceptional reliability to accompany you on all your adventures.

The TJM Inverter comes in both 2100W and 1100W and each TJM inverter includes a sleek LCD display remote control. It allows for remote operation, conveniently mounted alongside the main battery yet remaining out of sight.

TJM Slim Lithium Battery

Are you looking for a lithium battery to fit into tight spaces? The TJM by Revolution Power’s Ultra Slim Lithium Deep Cycle Battery is the solution. The RPL12-100TJMSLIM delivers 125Ah of capacity with 100Ah useable and provides the quality and performance you need for all your power requirements. The inbuilt Battery Management Systems (BMS), and IP65 ABS/Polycarbonate case meet all Australian Standards to give peace of mind when it comes to battery protection and safety.

TJM Battery Trays

TJM Battery Trays are carefully engineered to ensure you get the right sized battery mounted in the right place. Constructed from 2mm thick steel sheet, all TJM Battery Trays incorporate strategic folds and welds which make them incredibly strong, while they’re also corrosion resistant for up to 500 hours. Each one offers multiple mounting points for optimum longevity and flexibility.

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