XGS Suspension:
Lift Kits & GVM Upgrades

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With XGS, you’re actually able to fully customise your suspension system based on your individual four-wheel-driving needs. Whether it’s primarily used to touring, intense 4WD adventures or towing a caravan across the country, with XGS you’ll actually have a rig that’s fully equipped to ‘Handle Anything’.

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Benefits of XGS



Getting control at speed means setting up your 4WD suspension for all types of surfaces, giving your vehicle maximum body control for cornering windy or incline and decline on a rocky tracks, whilst giving a compliant ride. A large benefit of lifting your vehicle to work effortlessly on surfaces, is that there is no rigidity to the feel of the drive and enhanced ground clearance.



Testing is conducted in Australia by both the manufacturer and independent specialist testing facilities, it is important that we rigorously test for durability, reliability, performance and spring seat push over & ultimate load of XGS components.



XGS should not only be considered for vehicle longevity, but a reliable tool in improving damping control and heat dissipation, while ensuring external wall damage (caused by flying debris) doesn’t affect shock performance.



Whether you’re touring, towing, or navigating beach driving or rocky crevices, investing in the right suspension or adequate GVM is crucial to provide vehicles the features they need for the ultimate experience and high-end performance.

High Performance Suspension Kits for All Terrain


XGS Roamer 4x4 suspension that goes beyond your vehicle’s factory settings, Upgrading to the Roamer kit instantly improves all driving characteristics while turning up the dial on your vehicle’s off-roading capabilities in all conditions.


Delivering a superior ride and high-end performance thanks to its inventive mono-tube construction, XGS Rugged truly tests the norm of 4x4 driving with a stern focus on improving load carrying capabilities no matter what terrain you’re on.


Offering your vehicle with a premium on and off-road driving experience, on any terrain, in any capacity and with any load, with absolutely no compromise, XGS Remote truly is the king of the XGS Suspension range.

Upper Control Arms

When you lift your vehicle above its factory standard parameters, you’re potentially losing a degree of castor and camber adjustment for every inch you lift your vehicle. XGS Upper Control Arms solves this alignment issue by providing up to 3 degrees of additional castor & camber to regain those lost degrees of adjustment.

GVM Plus Upgrade

Whether it’s for work or off-road touring, if you've got yourself a 4WD, chances are you’re loading it up and decking it out with 4x4 essentials such as bull bars, underbody guards, side steps and so on. Doing so can quickly exceed your legal Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM), the maximum a vehicle can weigh when fully loaded, and it can have disastrous consequences. XGS GVM Plus solves this problem by increasing the load-carrying capacity of your 4WD, ensuring you can load more with confidence and comfort in any situation.


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Lovells supply springs and suspension components designed and built to withstand extreme operating conditions, including super high temperatures.

The materials (including stainless steel) and coating systems Lovells use to withstand mild acid immersion in coal and gold processing equipment, while ensuring extreme fatigue-resistant products.