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4X4 Suspension, Coilovers, Shocks & Struts

Enhance your vehicle’s handling, ride and load-carrying capabilities with TJM’s range of 4x4 suspension upgrades.

TJM XGS Suspension

TJM XGS Suspension will instantly improve your 4x4’s on-road comfort and off-road potential. XGS twin-tube shock absorbers dynamically adapt to changes in terrain and driving conditions thanks to their multi-stage velocity-controlled valving, while their thick outer walls and outstanding internal components ensure long-lasting and reliable performance.

Pace 4x4 Suspension

Pace Performance Suspension utilises advanced remote reservoir technology to deliver a premium on-road and off-road driving experience. Its sleek monotube design and remote reservoir deliver incredible oil cooling capacity, meaning you can drive long and hard without ever compromising on performance. Meanwhile, its 8-stage compression and rebound adjuster provides you with a fully customisable ride to suit any load or journey.

TJM XGS Leaf Springs

TJM XGS leaf springs provide a significant improvement to your vehicle’s load-carrying ability, towing safety, ride comfort and directional stability. Utilising high-grade spring steel for superior off-road flexibility, TJM XGS Leaf Springs offer better traction through increased wheel travel and ground clearance.

TJM XGS Coil Springs

Coil springs support your vehicle’s weight all day, every day, which makes them a crucial component of any vehicle suspension system. TJM XGS Coil Springs – available in a linear coil or progressive coil design - are manufactured on computer-controlled coiling machines, scragged before and after shot peening, load-tested and then finished with a durable powder-coated finish to ensure exceptional quality and performance.

Other Suspension Components


Four-wheel drive owners often need to load up their vehicle – whether it’s for work or for off-road touring – and doing so can quickly exceed a 4×4’s legal Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM). With a TJM GVM Plus upgrade, you can carry more with confidence and comfort in any situation.
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