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4x4 Diff Lockers

The ability to lock a differential gives you instant traction in places or conditions you would otherwise have none, giving your 4x4 far more off-road potential.

The TJM Pro Locker is a highly advanced differential lock. With the flick of a switch, a TJM Pro Locker sends compressed air to engage a lock ring that links the carrier and the side gears, resulting in equal drive to both axles. Every TJM Pro Locker is designed and manufactured to ensure peak performance when you need it most, empowering you to go further and take on four-wheel drive challenges with confidence.

Constructed from high-grade SG iron with larger pinion gears and longer crown wheel bolts, the TJM Pro Locker is the pinnacle of strength. This strength translates to ultrareliable performance and durability on the track, allowing you to consistently conquer off-road obstacles with ease.

built to last

The separate pneumatic system that has no internal ‘o’ rings or oil seals adds to its operational simplicity and low maintenance, whether you’re a hard core competitor or a weekend wheeler. That is why...
we are so confident in our lockers that
we can offer something no other company can, A LIMITED 5 YEAR WARRANTY.