Crossing the Simpson Desert after the biggest flood in decades

The Finke Desert Race is only days away and after a reconnaissance flight recon flight to assess the track condition the Patriot Games crew made the decision to attempt to take the fastest route across the flooded Simpson Desert or risk not making it to Finke at all.

Justin and Black Truck lead the way, with Tommy in the SUPERAM and Sarah in her new supercharged RAM 1500 Hemi SUPERTOURER​™​ following close behind. 

All the flooding has made crossing the Simpson Desert a mammoth task, with huge mud holes and several overfilled water crossings. Usually the crew would lap up the opportunity to put their gear through these harsh conditions, but with the Desert Race looming, they cannot afford to get stuck out here. 

After coming over a sand dune Justin noticed the Black Truck was making a suspicious noise. Justin and Dave AKA “Spanners” quickly investigated the noise, they found that the front diff was gone and the Black Truck only had rear wheel drive. Only having rear wheel drive makes driving through the muddy tracks all the more difficult and at the worst possible time the crew come across one of the harshest bog holes they have ever faced.

Will the Patriot crew make it across in time to race Finke or will The Simpson Desert stop them in their tracks? To see the Patriot crew attempt to navigate the SUPERTOURER convoy across the flooded Simpson Desert, you’ll need to tune into the latest episode.

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