Must-Know Info for Touring Tasmania

Tracy Morris, boss-mum from adventurers The Blonde Nomads shares all the insights you need to know for your Tassie adventure.

Touring Tassie - Part 1: Things to know

Ah, Tassie - it’s a goodie. Known for its small-town feel, stunning landscapes and friendly locals, it’s certainly one to put on your ‘must-visit’ list.

For adventure lovers, Tassie boasts an abundance of beautiful walks, waterfalls, beaches, wildlife, camping and 4x4 tracks that will undoubtedly entertain you.

If food is more your thing – well, let's face it, it’s everyone’s thing – then you’ll definitely love to indulge in all the fresh produce, wine, cider and cheese that flows in abundance here too! So yep, it’s safe to say, Tassie has it all. 

The thing we love about The Apple Isle is that there is so much on offer and it’s all in close proximity to each other. It’s the perfect touring destination if you are new to road tripping, free camping or ‘nomad’ life, and it’s an easy place to start as there is an abundance of free camps, caravan parks and supermarkets all close by. 

So, here’s what you need to know for your Tassie trip:

Getting in the Tassie SPIRIT!

If you are taking your own car and/or caravan on your adventure to Tassie (which we highly recommend), then you will need to book a sail with the Spirit of Tasmania. There’s a few things you need to know before you book this 9+ hour trip so we’ve shared some helpful tips on how to prepare your car, caravan and family in a separate post here.

First stop = food shop + info centre

When you first arrive in Davenport you’ll need to top up on groceries after your sail (due to strict quarantine laws you cannot take certain produce and fish products into the state). For this, we headed into Deloraine, an easy 45-minute drive from Davenport. We found a great riverside spot to camp up for a few days, top up at the local large Woolies store and visit the information centre for a map of Tassie. 

While here, you will also want to purchase a National Parks Pass, which will cover your entry into all the parks within Tassie. Boasting 19 national parks, it’s the most cost-effective option. It costs $58 per vehicle and gives you unlimited entry into all the parks for two months. Just remember to display it on your dashboard or you will be fined. You can also purchase this pass on the Spirit of Tasmania.

The Blonde Nomads


You’ll want to take extra care when driving between dusk and dawn in Tassie. There are loads of nocturnal animals about and, sadly, roadkill is a regular occurrence. Many Tasmanian Devils fall victim to cars too, as they are attracted to the carrion (other dead animals) on the side of the road.

As always, you will need to drive to the conditions, especially if you are towing a caravan or trailer. Many roads are narrow and winding and can be icy and wet, even in the summer months. Most popular tourist destinations like farm gates and cafés have dedicated caravan and trailer parking, but if you are unsure, you can always call ahead to ensure there is a space for you so you don’t get caught out.

The Blonde Nomads

Four Seasons in one day

Yes, Tassie is cold and windy, and it snows in summer! Then, when you least expect it the sun shines. It’s a good idea to pack lots of layers for your trip and we found it handy to keep a good rain/wind jacket in the back seat of your car. The sun also packs a punch so when the sun is out it is beautiful and warm but also very strong with a high UV rating. The air is so clear that the sun’s rays can give you a good roasting so make sure you slip, slop, slap.

The Blonde Nomads

Be ready for Long Days

We travelled in November, December and January (the warmest time of year). The sun came up super early and set super late each day. So, the good thing is that you can get loads out of your day, but when it comes to putting the kids to bed it is certainly a challenge. You may want some blockout curtains to help make it dark. The sun was rising about 5:30am and setting at 8:50pm! In winter, it’s the reverse with super short days. The sun rises at about 7:40am and sets at about 4:30pm.

The Blonde Nomads

Well, all the above info certainly gives you an idea on what you need to know to plan your adventure.

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