Ultimate Off-Road Camping Checklist

Clear skies, gentle winds, cool nights? If we were to hazard a guess, it looks like camping season is well and truly upon us!

Now, before you go and throw a bunch of stuff in the 4x4, we know how important it is to be well prepared for that off-road camping getaway. Why? Well, whether it’s to bask in home-away-from home comfort or having the right gear on hand in the event of an emergency, sometimes it’s worth packing slow to ensure you’ve got everything you need.

Fortunately, we got just the thing to help you out.

If you’re the forgetful type or busting a gut just to maximise the daylight, we’ve got all your camping needs covered with the Ultimate Off-Road Camping Checklist. And it’s even printable so you can start crossing off those vital essentials ahead of time – particularly if there’s a long weekend coming up!

And if you’re heading off-road, away from facilities or even cell service for a bit of bush camping, we’ve got another article just for you that covers ‘5 Essential Items for Bush Camping’.

Happy packing campers!

Campsite setup

Accommodation – tent, swag or rooftop tent

Shelter – Annexes, gazebo, fly screens, awnings

Sleeping bag



Mattress – air mattress, stretcher


Additional tent pegs

Camp chairs

Camp lighting – lanterns, strip lights, fluoros

Kitchen and cooking

Water storage capacity of at least 5L of water per person for one day

Cutting board

Folding table

Billy kettle

Can and bottle opener

Refrigeration – cooler box with ice, powered fridge/freezer

Cooking essentials – oil, salt, pepper, sugar, coffee, tea, preferred spices

Cooking tools – gas stove, camp oven, pots, pans, lighter or matches, camp grill or BBQ

Utensils – cutting knife, wooden spoon, tongs, spatula, cups, bowls, plates, spoons, knives, forks


Paper towels

Tea towels

Rubbish bags

Eco-friendly detergent

Dustpan and brush


Wash bucket

Personal hygiene



Face cloth

Eco-friendly soap

Toilet paper

Applicable medications

Wet wipes

Living essentials


Insect repellent

Pocket knife


Large water bottle

Paper maps

Mobile device chargers

Head lamp


Miscellaneous essentials

First aid kit



Zip ties


Duct tape

Long-handled shovel