Jamie's Story.

In 2021 Jamie Harrison was sitting in third position in his class in the famous Finke Desert Race. Just past the 80km mark, after the first fuel stop, he was keen to close in on second.

At high speed he spotted a patch of bull dust with his competitor in the distance, and pushed hard to close in.

Hidden in the bull dust was a rock. Moments later his body was propelled high into the air in a horror crash causing extensive damage including a spinal cord injury resulting in permanent paralysis from his waist down.

Confined to Adelaide Hospital for ten months back in 2021 at the heart of COVID lock downs, Jamie l recalls one thing that was central to keeping him going then, and in the years to come.

As he lay on his back in the hospital bed, he was visited by a friend who said, "Mate, don't worry, we'll get you back, we'll get you back in a buggy" This message gave Jamie something to hold on to, a drive that would provide a focal point in his future.

Jamie's Journey to Finke 2024

Watch Jamie's key racing moments at Finke 2024!

3 years later, Jamie returned to Finke in 2024, racing in a specially modified hand-operated buggy.

Overcoming many obstacles with determination, Jamie triumphed over Finke, with amazing race times. 

  1. Day 1 Race Time results: 2 hours, 18 minutes
  2. Day 2 Race Time results: 2 hours, 23 minutes

Overall Race time: 4 hours, 41 minutes.

These great times secured Jamie 9th place in his SXS Pro Class, and 33rd overall. Congratulations on an amazing achievement Jamie

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What mates are for.

One of Jamie's mates, inspired by his remarkable story, is TJM's own Group Merchandise Manager - Vehicle Systems, Darren Piper.

Darren, a Diesel Fitter by trade, was keen to offer the TJM workshop and expertise in fitting and engineering to help Jamie solve a host of challenges both in the lead up and during the competition.

This includes a myriad of TJM product that has enhanced both the buggy and trailer to ensure everything is accessible to Jamie on his journey.

Advocating for Men’s Mental Health

While Jamie has remained focused on the Finke race over the last three years and is excited to get on the road, it hasn't been without its darker moments.

Jamie is supporting the non-for-profit mental health organisation LIVIN as part of his return to the Finke Desert Race. Chief Executive Officer of LIVIN Casey Lyon is both grateful and inspired by Jamie's story.

To listen more about Jamie opening up about his mental health struggles, particularly as a middle-aged man, you can listen to the GW Unspoken Podcast through the link below:

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