'Handle Anything' with
XGS Roamer

Roamer Suspension Kit

XGS Roamer has been custom designed to provide more of a controlled ride feel and improve your vehicle’s off-road capability.

Built for heavy-duty use, XGS Roamer takes twin-tube shock absorbers to the next level with a nitrogen-charged 18 mm hard-chromed piston rod and a 35-40 mm piston bore, model dependant. This dramatically improves damping potential and shock durability, while multi-stage velocity-controlled valving ensures that your 4x4 is able to dynamically adapt to changes in terrain at a moment’s notice.



Goes beyond your vehicle’s standard suspension, instantly improving all driving characteristics for almost all applications.



The choice of either Balance or Control valving allows you the freedom to match springs and shock absorbers for improved load carrying outcomes.


Balance and Control

Have all the same features & benefits. However, the piston valve tuning differs providing a different damping tune to suit higher spring rates and load carrying.



XGS Roamer has been custom designed for intense off-road action no matter the 4WD, terrain or environment you find yourself in.


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Roamer Suspension Kit

XGS Roamer, extended fade resistance over OEM, the true ‘all rounder‘ with quality ride and options for weighted vehicles makes XGS Roamer an easy choice.





Lift Potential

Giving your vehicle the suspension lift it needs for the necessary ground clearance off-road, added control when the going gets tough and improved shock travel in any and all unforgiving terrain is exactly what XGS Suspension is all about. Depending on your 4WD, our XGS Suspension range provides your vehicle with a suspension lift range of 0-100 mm model dependant, complete with trimmable functionality depending on your range selected.


3YR | 100,000KM Warranty

Backed by state-of-the-art precision engineering, premium components for exceptional strength and reliability where it matters most, each XGS Suspension model has been custom designed to thrive (not survive) in the toughest, most demanding environments. That’s why each suspension model is covered by our 3-year/100,000 km warranty to give you the confidence you need to ‘Handle Anything’ – no matter your 4x4 lifestyle.


GVM Upgrade Compatible

Whether it’s for work, off-roading, or touring with a caravan in tow, an XGS GVM PLUS upgrade ensures your vehicle is designed to properly handle increased weight loads both legally and safely. It’s even undergone extensive testing in a long and arduous certification process and has been officially certified by the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities.

Please note that GVM upgrade compatibility is vehicle-dependent. Speak to one of our XGS experts to determine if your vehicle is eligible for an upgrade.


Testing & Reliability

All of our XGS products are designed and engineered right here in Australia, to ensure customers that their 4x4s are fit for purpose for the toughest conditions found in the world. Each component is also individually tested in-house, by vehicle manufacturers and by independent testing specialists, to ensure that the performance, reliability, durability and accuracy of each system is ADR compliant and exceeds strict certification standards. 

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