New Looks, Same Ranger Feel

As expected, Ford has maintained the same Ranger feel we’ve come love. However, there are a few subtle additions, design upgrades and more that are well worth mentioning.

Something mistook for a gap in the rear of the Ranger is actually an ingenious Rear Box Step. A tough, fully integrated step that makes accessing the cargo area easier and safer than ever before. It’s a minor inclusion but a novel one all the same.

The Ranger’s broad, muscular, athletic design has also seen a minor change with new fender flares, larger wheel arches and 50mm increased track width for a dramatic sculpted effect.

Having said all this, it’s the off-road result that’s got us intrigued…

Ford is promising that the wheelbase increase will result in less overhang at the front and enhance its off-road ability. The 2022 Ranger also has a 30° angle entry and 25° at the rear, making tackling ruts and descending slopes a bit easier than before.

Call us sceptical, but we don’t think that wheelbase increase is going to cut it in the Australian Outback. To ensure you’re well and truly clear of any tricky ruts undoing your weekend away, or a downward slope wrecking the fun before it even begins, what you need is a suspension upgrade.

With an aftermarket suspension upgrade, your Ranger will instantly benefit from added ground clearance. It will also become a more superior ride with better overall handling on and off-road, as well as a higher degree of safety and improved load-carrying capability.

Additionally, your Ranger will benefit from better flex (wheel articulation) as the shock experienced from a rut or rapid descent will be better handled. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with every TJM Suspension System.

Ford Ranger 2022

Lastly, the new C-Clamp LED Headlamps.

Despite not being available on the XL and XLS models, this is the first time Ford has introduced LED lights to their Ranger range.

They’re absolutely stunning to look at, flanking the bold new grille from either side, and give the next-gen Ranger that unmistakable Built Ford Tough look.

Only one small problem… they’re not protected in any way.

In fact, none of the vital components at the front, including the engine bay, are protected, and that could be disastrous for the new addition to your garage.

What you’ll need is the toughest, most enduring bull bar available on the market; and it just so happens that we’ve got it ready!

Built for those rough and tough journeys, the TJM Outback Bullbar is an absolute must-have for any off-roading enthusiast. Not only does it add some serious style, it will also protect those new C-Clamp LED headlights and other vital components at the front of your Ranger with ease.

And thanks to integrated 8000kg rated recovery points as standard, the TJM Outback Bullbar can also help get you unstuck in a hurry.

Through winch compatibility, an all-steel construction, integrated fog lights and more, the Outback Bull Bar ensures your Ranger thrives, not just survives, in the Australian Outback.


Improvements to Towing, Ride & Handling

We touched on the improved towing capabilities, particularly with the new Tow Haul driving mode, but what other updates have got us excited?

Well, on top of the 3500kg max towing capacity, the next-gen Ranger comes with an optional Integrated Trailer Break Controller (standard on Wildtrak and Raptor models) that’s compatible across different trailer setups, and delivers smooth and effective trailer braking.

This is perfect for towing heavy loads and its output is adapted based on the status of the anti-lock braking system (ABS).

To put this into context, when the ABS module senses the towing vehicle’s brakes are approaching lock-up, the controller’s braking strategy changes to compensate for traction conditions - thus reducing the risk of trailer brake lock-up.

The only thing missing is protection for the rear of your Ranger and added recovery functionality.

However, with a TJM Rear Step Tow Bar, you can prevent accidental panel and bumper damage thanks to its thick 63mmø steel tubing, durable alloy treadplate and chassis-mounted design.

It’s also ADR62 certified to meet Heavy Duty Class 4 tow bar standards, comes with T-slot recovery jack points, has OEM parking sensor provisions and doesn’t void your Ranger’s new vehicle warranty.

Ride & Handling have also been given an upgrade compared to the predecessor, with the rear shocks moved outboard. Suspension retains the same independent double-wishbone and beam-axle leaf-spring combo, but it’s the rear shocks moving outboard that Ford says will contribute to improved ride, handling and stability.

Despite being welcome news, we’re not entirely convinced this will be enough when you take your Ranger off-road. Moving the shocks outboard is definitely going to lessen the impact felt, but it’s the same suspension system on the next-gen Ranger that’s got us scratching our heads.


So, what’s our verdict?

Though there are some aftermarket suspension, protection, recovery and performance upgrades needed to really conquer the Australian Outback, we reckon the 2022 Ford Ranger is hands down the best Ranger which Ford has ever produced.

We can’t wait to equip new owners with the accessories they need to turn this incredible unit into an off-roading superweapon.

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