How does TJM feel about the new Ford Ranger?

In one word: excited!

With five models to choose from, an incredible price range, a complete overhaul of engine and onboard systems, plus greater on/off road driving prowess, there’s plenty to be excited about when it comes to the 2022 Ford Ranger.


But what specifically is exciting us the most here at TJM?

But what specifically is exciting us the most here at TJM? Along with needed updates to the interior and onboard technology that are certainly eye-catching, there are plenty of new features; most notably with off-roading and towing.

Seatbelts on everyone - it’s time to explore the 2022 Ford Ranger.

Ford Ranger’s New Features

From the new and improved engines (3.0L V6 turbo diesel, 2.0L bi-turbo diesel and 2.0L single turbo diesel respectively) to Ford’s Zone Lighting; a network of lights that illuminate the entire perimeter of the Ranger, there’s been a lot of improvements to the stalwart of the Ford range.

What really grabs the attention TJM, are the two amazing updates Ford has introduced to the Ranger’s off-roading capabilities + the vast improvements the rear tray.

The 2022 Ranger comes with an all-new, intelligent Selectable Drive Modes function. Designed for optimal performance. No matter the terrain you find yourself on, your Ranger will be able to tackle any surface, environment or situation with ease.

Ford Ranger Bull Bar,  Rear Tray, off roading and towing

Depending on your Ranger model, there are 6 selectable drive modes to choose from. These include:

Normal: This mode is designed for everyday use. Tailored for road driving and calibrated to deal with most conditions.  

Eco: Maximises fuel economy by delivering progressive power and early gear shifts together, with more economical cruise control tuning and tailored climate control strategies.

Tow Haul (we’ll talk about towing a little later on): For use while towing or carrying heavy loads. Optimises gear shift timing to maintain best power delivery and engine braking.

Slipper: For use on slippery road surfaces. The engine and transmission work in conjunction with unique Ford Stability Control to help to reduce wheel spin.

Mud Ruts: Tuned to maximise grip during launch and maintain vehicle momentum, while also allowing wheels to spin up at speed and clear mud from the tyre tread.

Sand: For use on soft sand and deep snow. Optimised power delivery and gear shifts along with tuned Ford Stability Control to maintain vehicle momentum and minimise braking distances.

Effectively, unlike the previous iterations, the 2022 Ranger takes control of your transmission preload, throttle feel and steering feel depending on the conditions you find yourself in. No more guesswork and perfect for the inexperienced, Ford’s Selectable Drive Modes could be an absolute game-changer!

Secondly, the Ranger’s new Off-Road Screens.

At the push of a button, a dedicated off-road screen provides the ability to see vehicle information, such as off-road status and pitch & roll. Rangers can be additionally fitted with a 360-degree camera and also see a front camera view of the terrain ahead.

Driveline, diff-lock indicators, steering angle, vehicle roll and pitch angles all monitored simultaneously?! If you’ve ever come across a tricky scenario, such as a perilous rut or angled log, and wished you could have seen what was really going on, this is a must-have.

Finally, the rear tray.

Certainly, less tech-y and not as impressive on face value, but if storage and usability are more your focus, you’re going to be as excited as us to know that the rear tray just got bigger!

Ford’s Next-Gen Ranger, across all models, has a wider track providing more room between the wheel arches. You can now load a standard sized ‘Euro’ pallet (1,200mm x 800mm) in the bed without jamming it as weird angles or worrying about back-breaking loading/unloading.

Unfortunately, there’s no upgrade here and it’s still the lofty, bulky and rather heavy tailgate the Ranger is renowned for.

That’s where we come in.

TJM’s Tailgate Assist addresses the issue by damping the majority of the tailgate movement through its uniquely designed gas strut system.

Comprising 2 major components, the torsion bar mechanism and the gas strut, we’ve made opening and closing your tail gate so much easier with a significantly reduced ‘felt’ weight of up to 70%.

And as each Tailgate Assist product is made to be vehicle specific, there’s no drilling required on your new Ranger.

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