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It’s tough to improve on one of Australia’s most iconic off-road utes, but we’ve made it happen. With TJM gear fitted to your TOYOTA® LandCruiser Prado™, you’ll be ready to go places you never thought possible: head to the Outback with our acclaimed vehicle protection range, go further in greater comfort on our unbeatable suspension upgrades and protect your cargo with our array of premium ute accessories.

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protection to suit your 4x4

Vehicle protection keeps your vehicle and its occupants safe from hazards that are common in off-road conditions. Thankfully, TJM has a complete range of protection products to suit the TOYOTA® LandCruiser Prado™ that adds ultimate protection and bold style to your 4WD. This includes our famed bull bar range – each of which include integrated 8000kg rated recovery points – modular steel side bars and side steps, underbody guards and rear step tow bar, which also doubles as a Class 4 heavy duty tow bar and rear recovery point. Combined, they offer better off-road approach and departure angles, panel and radiator protection while also giving you increased vehicle accessibility and functionality.

Airtec snorkels

Deliver clean air to your engine in all kinds of conditions with a TJM Airtec Snorkel. Designed to prevent water and dust ingress into your engine during your travels, you can traverse Australia’s many off-road destinations with confidence when you’ve got a TJM Airtec Snorkel fitted to your TOYOTA® LandCruiser Prado™. The Airtec snorkel is designed to suit the unique design of the TOYOTA® LANDCRUISER™ and also offers incredible impact resistance and durability in extreme temperatures.

 XGS Suspension Upgrades

When a vehicle first hits the market, the manufacturer ensures that the suspension system has been designed for the most common applications. Unfortunately, when this comes to 4WDs, the OEM suspension setup just isn’t fit for purpose when it comes to off-roading performance.

And the majority of aftermarket suspension manufacturers, utilise a raw template of suspension upgrades that typically leave many 4x4 with improper systems that just don’t cut it for their intended applications.

But that’s where XGS comes in. With XGS, you’re actually able to fully customise your suspension system based on your individual four-wheel-driving needs. Whether it’s primarily used to touring, intense 4WD adventures or towing a caravan across the country, with XGS you’ll actually have a rig that’s fully equipped to ‘Handle Anything’.

 Take Control

When you equip your 4x4 with an aftermarket suspension system, that’s designed to lift your vehicle above its factory standard parameters, you’re potentially losing a degree of castor and camber adjustment for every inch you lift your vehicle. This can have huge implications on your suspension’s geometry when you go to get a wheel alignment, and there’s simply not enough adjustment available to accurately correct your alignment.

Enter XGS Upper Control Arms- XGS Upper Control Arms solves this alignment issue by providing up to 3 degrees of caster and additional camber, which regains those lost degrees of adjustment when lifting a vehicle.

Lights, Camera, Action

Get the complete kit for your 4x4 with a set of TJM Driving Lights. The TJM Ultima and TJM Seeker Series range of LED lights, TJM has driving lights to suit every journey and every explorer. The TJM Ultima LED driving lights come in 180mm and 215mm variants, which both feature advanced 5W XP-G2 Cree LEDs, an Active Thermal Management System (ATMS) to ensure consistent performance and an easy-to-see 5700°K colour temperature. Meanwhile, with its Osram LED technology, die cast aluminium housing and a strong lumen output for all kinds of off-road conditions, the new TJM Seeker Series has plenty to offer discerning consumers who are in search of a quality set of driving lights.

Vehicle mounted air compressors

The TJM Pro Series compressors have been designed with a high emphasis on integrated functionality, higher flow rates and increased durability, making them perfect for harsh vehicle-mounted applications.


A TJM Torq Winch is an essential risk-management tool when venturing to remote locations and upping the stakes of your 4WD adventure. TJM's range of new generation Torq Winches now have even more power for increased line speed and faster recovery and, because they’re available in a wide range of 9,500lb and 12,000lb options, there's a TJM Torq winch to fit most four-wheel drives.



Professional In-Store Fitment

Ready to get your TOYOTA® LandCruiser Prado™ 4x4 equipped? Head in to your local TJM today to talk to and expert and get a vehicle fit-out that suits you and your needs. Every TJM store is equipped with a showroom and fully functional workshop, meaning our stores are equipped to complete 4x4 fit outs, dual battery systems, communications installations, pre-trip inspections and more. Plus, when you get 4x4 equipped at TJM, you can do so knowing that you’re backed by a nationwide network of stores to support you.