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Britax Lighting - Driving Lights

Britax Lighting - Driving Lights

Built tough to suit Australian conditions, Xray Vision lights are formed from die-cast alloy and stainless steel for maximum strength and durability.

Xray Vision lights also utilise state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to produce die-cast alloy free-form reflectors that are then vacuum aluminised to give a flawless mirror finish. The free-form reflectors in true spread and pencil beam patterns combine with optics-free hardened quartz glass lenses and a calibrated focal point to produce driving lights without compromise.

Xray Vision lights are available in both High Intensity Discharge (HID) and high output quartz halogen (QH) globes. HID systems are 12 and 24 Volt compatible and feature an internal ballast and a 50W Xenon HID globe. Xray Vision HID lights produce over three times the light output of a standard quartz halogen while consuming much less power. Xray Vision QH lights use premium quality quartz halogen H1 100W 12V European globes.

Xray Vision driving light features:

  • 90W and 60W SS HID: improved HID efficiency has lifted the light output ratio to the power input and with the improved colour rendering, the light output is stronger and clearer whilst managing to reduce the reflective glare of high 6500K systems of old.
  • Super Soft Start Technology: the new 90W and 60W ballasts has lower startup current than older 35W units, this means less flickering and none of the miss-fires of the 35W units. Combine this with faster fire and refire times and you have the most advanced HID system available.
  • H1 100W QH: the time proven European H1 100W globe provides great efficiency and focal point accuracy for well defined light patterns where it is needed most.
  • Multivoltage LED position lighting: provides improved vehicle visibility when the driving lights are not in use and the LED ring (200 series) and LED Plate (220 series) are favourites with many fashion conscious vehicle owners.
  • Housings: are slimline and rugged fitting readily to all bulbar designs, yet are strong enough to withstand Australian outback conditions of rough roads, bull dust and moisture.
  • Ball joint mounting system: provides the highest possible mounting strength against vibration, fast accurate adjustment and simple effective security with the optional lock-nuts.
  • Die-cast alloy reflectors: providing great strength and heat dissipation maintaining the reflector surface in peak condition, even in harsh environments. Free-form reflectors: with vacuum aluminised coating provide the highest technology of light projection and distribution for pencil or spread beam options.
  • Optics-free hardened glass lens: allows maximum light output with the least light distortion, whilst the blue lenses provide very pure light filtering to increase the colour kelvin rating.
  • Clear polycarbonate covers: allow maximum light output and breakage protection whilst the 360° attachment also protects the lens from dust and bug build up. But best of all they are included free.