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Increase the load-carrying capability of your 4WD with a TJM GVM Plus upgrade.
Four-wheel drive owners often need to load up their vehicle – whether it’s for work or for off-road touring – and doing so can quickly exceed a 4x4’s legal Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM). With a TJM GVM Plus upgrade, you can carry more with confidence and comfort in any situation.


GVM by the numbers

Understanding how close your vehicle is to its GVM is a game of numbers, and it’s crucial information for anyone with a heavily-loaded vehicle. Whether you’re loading up your ute for work or preparing your 4WD for a touring adventure, you’ll probably be surprised at how close (or far over) your rig is to its Original Equipment GVM before you even get in the driver’s seat.
The LandCruiser in Figure 1 has 590kg of 4×4 accessories fitted, meaning a 200 Series with this gear would only have a 60kg payload remaining for passengers, cargo and other accessories before it exceeds its GVM. However, with a TJM GVM Plus upgrade you can worry less about what you’re carrying and more about where you’re going.

Premium suspension
for a premium ride

TJM GVM Plus is built upon TJM’s renowned suspension range, which is designed to deliver exceptional performance. Combined with TJM leaf springs, coil springs and other suspension components, our twin-tube XGS or our advanced Pace remote-reservoir shock absorber enhances any drive with supreme comfort, vehicle ride and handling.

available applications & kits

LandCruiser 79 Series*
Increase payload by 550kg (3400kg/3300kg > 3950kg)
LandCruiser 200 Series**
Increase payload by 450kg (3350kg to 3800kg)

*does not include LandCruiser 76 or 78 Series

**does not currently include Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series GX

Certified and safe

The safety of a vehicle, its occupants and others on the road is compromised when a vehicle exceeds its Original Equipment GVM – which is why overloading a 4x4 is both dangerous and illegal. TJM GVM Plus upgrades have been designed and then rigorously tested to overcome this, and as a result are officially certified by the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities.

As well as enhancing the performance potential of a 4WD, a TJM GVM Plus upgrade satisfies a range of legal requirements for potentially overloaded vehicles: road legality, Occupational Health and Safety, vehicle insurance and much more.

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